Fort Lauderdale Chinese Herbs and Chinese Medicine

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Herbology is one of the more important modalities utilized in traditional Chinese medicine . Each herbal medicine prescription is conbination of many herbs tailored to the individual patient.  The practitioner usually designs a remedy using one or two main ingredients that target the illness. Then the practitioner adds many other ingredients to adjust the formula to the patient's secondary diseases or body constitute.  Sometimes, ingredients are needed to take off toxicity or side-effects of the main ingredients. Some herbs require the use of other ingredients as catalyst or else the brew is ineffective. To make a good formula require great experience and knowledge. The basic formula also need to be adjusted with the changes of the patients special situation. Unlike western medications, the balance and interaction of all the ingredients are considered more important than the effect of individual ingredients. A key to success in TCM is the treatment of each patient as an individual.

Chinese herbology often incorporates ingredients from all parts of plants, the leaf, stem, flower, root, and also ingredients from animals and minerals. They are all natural product. At Yang's Acupuncture and Herbal center, we carry only the highest quality herbal products available on the market. After a thorough consultation regarding your condition, we will prescribe the most appropriate herbal remedy to treat your specific condition. Chinese  herbs are Available in capsules, tablets, and powders.

Are Chinese Herbs Safe?

Ancient herbal information was gathered compiled, formulate, tested and handed down from generation to generation. A individualized herbal prescription have the capacity to address the underlying root cause of various medical conditions. When prescribed and used correctly, Chinese herbal formulas rarely cause unwarranted side-effects.

What Can They Treat?

Chinese Medicine can understand and treat all forms of ill health. The results that can be expected and the length of treatment required will depend on the severity of the disease, its duration and the general health of the patient.

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